Why Fly Gliders

Everyone's reasons are different, but a lot of it comes down to this. If you like flying, it is really hard to beat spending a beautiful day in the country side with your friends flying gliders.

A real community

Glider flying is a group activity by its very nature. From coming out in the morning, setting up and getting the planes out, taking turns launching and flying, to cleaning up, and relaxing with some drinks and barbecue at day end, it is all about working together and having a lot of fun.

The London Soaring Society is a smaller club. A place where everyone knows everyone by name, and no one is lost in the system. There used to be many such clubs in Ontario, but over the years the trend has been towards fewer larger clubs instead.

An unadulterated experience

Gliding is to flying what sailing is to boating. It is a quiet, contemplative, unadulterated flying experience. It is about immersing yourself in the natural environment and thoroughly enjoying it. It leaves you with a grin on your face at the end of the day that does not come off easy.

A lifetime of challenge

Flying can become somewhat routine after the initial excitement of getting licensed. Getting licensed is just the beginning of gliding though. Learn how to master the environment to stay up for hours. Learn how to fly hundreds of kilometers on just air currents. Refine and hone your skills in local, national, and international competitions.

An economical option

Most flying involves expensive to maintain engines that consume a lot of costly aviation fuel. Gliding, apart from the initial tow, is 100% powered by nature. This is reflected in the cost.