Our Aircraft

The London Soaring Society has four club gliders (two two-seaters and two single-seaters) and a tow plane. The standard membership comes with access to all gilders pending checkout.

Members limit their flight times to an hour at a time and take turns so everyone gets a chance to fly. Our single-seater Grob G102 Astir CS can also be reserved for a cross country (XC) flight for the cost of an additional tow ticket.

Champion 7GCB

Our trusty tow-plane is the work horse of the club, pulling gliders skyward every weekend. Most tows are to 2,000ft above ground and take less than 10 minutes from start-of-roll to release.

L-23 Super Blanik

Our two-seater trainer is the very popular all-metal L-23 Super Blanik. We have owned it from new, and it gets a good workout of training (but also some member and introduction) flights each weekend.

Grob G102 Twin Astir

Our newest aquisition is a two-seater Grob G102 Twin Astir. It is a glass ship, and is a nice stepping stone to our single-seater Grob G102 Astir CS. It sees a lot of dual member flying, introduction flights, and some advanced cross-country (XC) training.

Schweizer SGS 1-34

Our single-seat solo and around-the-club aircraft is the all-metal Schweizer SGS 1-34. It racks up many hours each year as new pilots stretch their wings and experienced pilots enjoy themselves.

Grob G102 Astir CS

Our single seat cross-country (XC) aircraft is the Grob G102 Astir CS. Like the Grob G102 Twin Astir, it is a glass ship. It has seen most of southwestern Ontario over the years, and it is a delight to fly.