The London Soaring Society works to spread the love of aviation and help inspire the next generation of pilots and enthusiasts. Any contributions to our mission are greatly appreciated.

Ground Volunteer

If aviation is your thing, and you would like to help and hang out at the club, we have a ground volunteer membership for $80. This is required for insurance reasons. It includes a Soaring Association of Canada (SAC) membership as well as any required training. From launching gliders and mowing grass to shooting the breeze and enjoying the potlucks, there is always lots to do and fun to have.

Youth Program Donations

The London Soaring Society runs a youth soaring program as an agent of the Youth Flight Canada Education Fund charity. Donations made to this program are tax-deductible and only used on the youth soaring program (generally for youth bursaries).

Donations can be made online though the Youth Flight Canada Education Fund page. The page is a bit confusing as Youth Flight Canada Education Fund also runs Freedom's Wings Canada (for enabling people with disabilities to fly). Just make sure to specify in the optional send a message to this charity box that that the donation is for the youth program at the London Soaring Society and it will go to the correct program.

Email us at or come out in person and we would be more than happy to take care of the details.


Donations made directly to the club, unlike those made through the Youth Flight Canada Education Fund charity, are not tax deductible as the club is a not-for-profit, not a charity. They are much appreciated though, and can be done by emailing us at or in person at the club.

For businesses, other mutually beneficial and expensible options, such as advertising on the club's trailers, do exist. Please email us at to discuss further.