Blanik L23
LET L-23 Super Blanik C-BJY and C-FGHL Two seat, advanced trainer

The L-23 is the club's advanced level training glider which also offers good performance for recreational soaring with the 18 metre wing tip extensions installed. London Soaring has 2 of these aircraft that we use for training.

Schwiezer SGS 1-34 C-FCOM Single seat, all-aluminum sailplane

The 1-34 is our dependable club transition-to-solo glider which has been enjoyed by our member's for many years. It offers good entry level performance and excellent handling.

Grob G102 Astir CS C-GKLI Single seat, all-composite sailplane

This is the London Soaring Club's advanced level single seat glider which gives our membership the opportunity for cross country soaring and badge flying.

American Champion 7GCB C-FOHJ Club tow aircraft

The Champion "Champ" is the club tow plane and has proven itself to be a dependable and reliable aircraft to meet the towing needs of our club.

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